A Cloud Alliance Between VMware and AWS Takes Shape

OpenStack is a collection of open source software projects that allow users to develop and manage a cloud infrastructure in a data center. Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly launched the OpenStack cloud software initiative in July 2010 to help organizations offer cloud-computing services on industry standard hardware.

Last October, when VMware unveiled a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), many in the tech industry were surprised. The two companies, once spirited competitors, announced they were collaborating on a new hybrid cloud solution called VMware Cloud on AWS.

Customers Push Alliance

VMware Cloud on AWS is a seamlessly integrated hybrid offering that gives customers the full software-defined data center (SDDC) experience from the leader in the private cloud, running on the world’s most popular, trusted, and robust public cloud. It delivers a hybrid cloud architecture that is suited for current and future applications—including containerized apps—and also works across both on-premises private clouds and advanced AWS services.

“This hybrid cloud environment enables a powerful set of use cases, including regional capacity expansion, disaster recovery, application migration, data center consolidation, new application development, and burst capacity,” says Mark Lohmeyer, vice president for products in the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware, “all with complete operational consistency and seamless workload portability.”

The reason for this strategic alliance, according to both companies, was customer demand. VMware has more than 500,000 customers worldwide, and AWS is the industry’s leading public cloud provider. Both companies found many of their customers were running both VMware and AWS and wanted the solutions to work better together.

“We discovered that many customers wanted to work simultaneously in both VMware and AWS environments and wanted to have the flexibility and strategic choice of where to run their workloads at any given time. That was the impetus behind creating VMware Cloud on AWS,” says Lohmeyer.

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VMware and AWS Collaboration

Since the announcement, engineering teams from VMware and AWS have been working together closely.

To date, thousands of AWS and VMware customers have expressed interest in VMware Cloud on AWS. A handpicked group of customers and partners have been closely engaged with engineering teams in the development process. A larger beta program with additional representative customers will follow before a general release later this year.

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