AWS Training:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of products and services. It is an entire business architecture that enables organizations to move their on-premises solutions to the cloud.
Our training covers all the major aspects of an AWS expert including Architecting on AWS, Monitoring AWS environments and DevOps strategies for AWS. VaporVM powered AWS courses are specially designed by AWS certified professionals having multiple years of experience with AWS environments. The whole curriculum not only focuses on getting the certification but also prepares you to dive into AWS market for a great career. You will learn how to get the best out of AWS and outstand yourself in today’s competitive market.

Who Can Attend?

AWS offers 3 certifications at Associate-level and 2 certifications at Professional-level and each of these certifications have its own specific eligibility criteria. However, for a professional-level certification, you must have earned its corresponding associate-level certification first.
According to AWS one should have the following for associate-level certification exam:

  • One or more years of hands-on experience designing available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, and scalable distributed systems on AWS
  • In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  • Ability to identify and define requirements for an AWS-based application
  • Experience with deploying hybrid systems with on-premises and AWS components
  • Capability to provide best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform

Experience with developing and maintaining applications written for Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon Simple Workflow Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation.

Purpose of Our Training:

Core purpose of our training sessions is to prepare you for taking the exam and comprehensively meet the above-mentioned criteria. If you know a little about system administration and application architectures, you are good to go with our training sessions and if not, we will help you out in getting started.

Why Should You Attend?

VaporVM focus on preparing you for AWS job market by providing hands-on labs and in-depth training covering all the AWS services from Security, Troubleshooting, Deployment and Monitoring perspective. You will have a chance to learn event-trigger based Lambda functions, Autoscaling, CloudFormation, ElasticBeanStalk, Disaster-recovery strategies, Web-application migrations, CloudWatch and CloudTrail with addition to AWS Compute, Storage, Database, Notification and Private Cloud services. Our goal is not only to make you able to get the certification but also prepare yourself to get a higher paying job and a flourishing career.

Why choose VaporVM for this training?

VaporVM powered AWS courses are specially designed by AWS certified professionals having multiple years of experience with AWS environments. You will be able to get support from our experts at any time. The course outline is carefully designed for each certification and you will get important tips and guidelines for preparing yourself for the exam. In addition to training sessions, our experts have compiled a list of necessary whitepapers (published by AWS) which will be shared with you and will help you out in achieving your goal.