Extraction, Transformation & Loading

VaporVM understands the complexities of managing multiple vendors and clients. Our goal is to help businesses grow by eliminating the complexities information flow through automation. Our team is highly skilled in recognizing and evaluating data flows that allows our clients to ingest and disperse information in a timely manner.

  • Our team can extract data from a variety of sources
  • Data processing is easily customized to cater to every business’s individual needs
  • Support for On-Premises and Cloud as well as hybrid scenarios
  • Expert in handling Cloud technologies for Data handling like SSIS, SQL scripts, Azure Event Hub, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lakes, U-SQL, HD Insight, AWS Pipeline etc.

Data Warehousing

A consequence of business growth is that the data needed to optimally run the business also grows. VaporVm provides solutions to efficiently handle existing and future data needs of  business concerns through data warehousing technologies. VaporVM provides a range of services.

  • Designing, Deployment and Maintenance
  • Warehousing models for HR, CRM, Inventory, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales etc
  • Expert in Warehousing technologies like AWS Redshift, AWS RDS, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Warehouse, Oracle, SQL Server etc.

Data Visualization:

VaporVm can help you quickly determine the current state of your business through Data visualizations. Our goal is to provide an experience with in-depth story telling of your business.

  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards for each role
  • Continuous support for realizing new requirements
  • Working with multiple leading reporting tools like Power BI, Tableau etc.