Learn how to make the most out of the most powerful open cloud platform. The Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals Training program is an intensive 3-day hands-on course that will give you the best introduction to setting up and running Ubuntu OpenStack clouds.
The 3-day training course will cover everything you need to know about Ubuntu Server in the cloud and will focus on building an OpenStack environment using Ubuntu OpenStack and our best in industry cloud tools:

  • MAAS for bare-metal provisioning
  • Juju for fast and easy deployment of OpenStack and cloud services, and
  • Landscape for systems management and monitoring

Who Can Attend?

Train your sysadmins and devops engineers to become Ubuntu OpenStack experts. VaporVM in collaboration with Canonical, runs training programs to suit all environments and all levels of experience.
Eligibility Criteria: Experienced Linux and Cloud Professionals

Why Attend Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals Training?

  • As a professional; you can learn to design, build and scale your cloud from the ground up using OpenStack, minimizing time to production.
  • When you’re running a cloud, you need the flexibility to deploy and connect services as requirements arise, often without a central understanding of how everything fits together.

Ubuntu OpenStack offers the best economics of any commercially supported OpenStack solution. Canonical offers everything you need from fully managed clouds to training and support. Our fundamental training is a great way to begin your journey, with minimal investment.

VaporVM and Canonical

At VaporVM, we provide modern day IT and network solutions to the enterprise markets through cloud computing and professional/managed/backup/DRaaS services. Canonical is a technology partner for VaporVM. For many years, we have combined our technological expertise to create easy, reliable and upgradeable solutions for our customers together. These solutions are tailored to fit your industry, key workloads, company size, and level of expertise.